Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CHICK FLIX at Delirious Hem

is all a-buzz and a-cheep. Now accepting submissions!

Jennifer L. Knox is curating this round.

Call for essays:
The subject, Chick Flix, is wide open. You can take it from a Gone with the Wind angle, to Gaslight, to Gas, Food & Lodging, to Gidget (me), to The Good Girl, through Gena Rowlands and out the other side of Looking for Mr. Goodbar. I was going to declare one chick per flick, but if two people cover Heathers or Pretty Woman, it’s not going to retread any ground. Nevertheless, I'll be posting a sign up sheet soon.

You can write a 50 word punch in the face, or a 5,000 scholarly treatise. That's why there are scroll bars. Just don’t be a bore.
Read the rest of the guidelines.

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