Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Luke Buckett's "Must Be Luv," directed by Kate Durbin

For all those wondering if Kate Durbin is really made of rainbow sprinkles, cubic zirconia, and Gumby clay, the video for Luke Buckett’s summer anthem, “Must Be Luv,” confirms that, indeed, she is. Watch it with your 3D glasses on, with your Lennon shades, with your best Ono dress. Await the shearing. Our fave poet-provocateur adds one more notch to her dayglo belt, one more hyphen to her repertoire. If you follow Kate’s work, you may have found yourself wondering, How could she be posting, blogging, tumbling, and tweeting ‘round the clock while at the same time writing poems, editing books, plotting performances, and directing and starring in a music video? How many people is she? The answer is right here in “Must Be Luv”: sit in front of your laptop in the video. Aha! I once threw Kate a birthday party and the exact same thing happened: realities proliferate wherever she pops up, and she knows, too, that reality bites. Kate Durbin is a real girl. Never too real, but always too too too too, pirouetting through our feeds, tumbling onto her fine, felt-lettered ass.

Read the rest of the tributes to Kate's music video directorial debut at Gaga Stigmata.

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