Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking defiantly over their shoulders

This month, Megan Volpert's curating a great feminist recovery series at Delirious Hem:
Lately, I often have that feeling of "why hasn't anybody heard of this book" or "why am I the only person reading this." This is compounded by the annual end-of-year "best books" lists that appear everywhere, which to me are like tiny tidal waves washing over just a huge amount of shit that was written years ago that I still haven't gotten to read yet. Including most of Alexander Pope. So, I've rounded up a dozen or so ladies who are willing to look defiantly over their shoulders and point out older/obscure stuff that people are missing out on.
So far, check out:

  • Megan Volpert on Stephanie Paulk 
  • Cecilia Woloch on Sharon Doubiago 
  • Dara Wier on Gillian Conoley 
  • Jennifer Bartlett on Mary Rising Higgins

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