Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lorine Niedecker + TJY & the Actionettes

Though not together, I'm afraid.

First, check out Niedecker's handwritten cookbook, part of the State of Wisconsin Collection. My favorite page so far concerns the curious recategorization of bacon as a fruit:

Also, check out this video of TJY & the Actionettes at AWP in Chicago, a show I was very sad to miss!


  1. i am sad you missed it too, becca! it was an incredible event.

    i will be in nyc in mid-april for my book release party and will send details- would be fun to meet!


  2. Hi Tim! Amazing light-up branch wings!

    Gina, yes plz let me know! So I can publicize on the Facebooks ('cause you're not a denizen of that world, right?) and so I can see you!